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Past productions

Witness: America’s New Frontline - Al Jazeera

A major two part series presented by Rageh Omaar.  America’s brand new military command for Africa – known as AFRICOM – was a product of the Bush Era, the Global War on Terror and America’s rush for oil.  But now it serves a new, African American President. So will it – or can it – change?


Filmed over six months throughout Africa, the US and Europe, this is the definitive investigation into AFRICOM and America’s strategy  for Africa under Obama.

Panorama: On Who’s Orders - BBC1

An investigation into the notorious Battle of Danny Boy near Al Amarah in Iraq in 2004.  


The film investigates allegations that Iraqi prisoners captured during the battle were tortured, abused and even that some may have been killed by British forces. The film also asks why five interrogation techniques banned as inhumane in the seventies were re-introduced by the British in Iraq.  


The events surrounding the Battle of Danny Boy are currently the subject of a Public Inquiry due to begin oral hearings later in 2010

A co production with DMPTV




People in Power: The Final Betrayal - Al Jazeera

When Callum Macrae first visited Northern Uganda in 2003, the war between the government and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) had been raging for 17 years.

The LRA was ruling through a terrifying mixture of brutality, fear and 'mystic' power but few in the West had heard of the conflict.

If the LRA had been stealing oil rather than children - more than 90 per cent of the LRA rebels were abducted children - perhaps the world would have paid more attention?

In this film Macrae returns to Northern Uganda as it struggles with a fraught peace process involving the LRA, the Ugandan government and the International Criminal Court.


Witness: Casamanse The Kings Festival - Al Jazeera

A story of how traditional customs bring hope to a ravaged land that continues to live with the threat of violence.


This is a film about the land of the Diola, a people whose nation stretches from Gambia through to the French speaking south of Senegal to the north of Guinea Bissau.


The King's Festival is a captivating glimpse back in time, to the atavistic ties that bind a people together.


Channel 4 News: Salina II - Channel 4

Outsider travels to Senegal for ITN to track down mysterious tramp cargo boat the Salina II.

When a retired English handyman bought a rusty old cargo boat, it was dismissed as harmless eccentricity. But then the boat was seized in Africa with 80 illegal migrants aboard.




Hamleys A Real Toy Story - Channel 4

An award-winning observational documentary following one dramatic year in the life of the world’s most famous  toy store.

Dispatches: Loss of the Marchioness update - Channel 4

An update to Outsider’s original award winning film on the loss of the Marchioness including scenes from the public inquiry which the first programme campaigned for.

Dispatches: CS Gas - Channel 4

Investigating the introduction of tear gas as part of the British police force’s arsenal in combating crime and disorder

Dispatches Special: Loss of the Marchioness - Channel 4   

The first film made by Outsider Television.  It was an award-winning investigation into the tragic sinking of the Marchioness pleasure boat with the loss of 51 lives. The film helped propel the campaign by the relatives and survivors for a public inquiry into the disaster.


On Whose orders
On Whose orders
Americas New Frontline
The Final Betrayal

Panorama: Britain in the dock - BBC1

As one public inquiry ends and another begins, the British Army stands accused of war crimes in Iraq. In this powerful investigation, Paul Kenyon asks if the British Army can really be trusted to police itself.


Did the UK’s military justice system allow some soldiers to get away with torture and murder?



Britain in the dock

People in Power: Southern Sudan: Living under the shadow of the Lords Resistance Army - Al Jazeera


The forthcoming referendum in southern Sudan will bear witness to the birth of a nation, as it is widely expected to confirm the already proliferated idea of the southerners wanting to secede from the North once and for all.


With a nation of their own, ostensibly to be called South Sudan, it is hoped that decades of hostility and animosity will be swept under the rug, putting an end to a continuous state of aggression that has witnessed two civil wars and seen millions of casualties inflicted.





ITN productions for Channel 4: Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields


Jon Snow presents an investigation into the final weeks of the quarter-century-long civil war between the government and the secessionist rebels, the Tamil Tigers; featuring devastating new video evidence of war crimes - some of the most horrific footage Channel 4 has ever broadcast.


WARNING: This film contains disturbing images of  death, killing and violence throughout




Sri Lankas Killing Fields

People in Power: SUDAN: WAR AND INDEPENDENCE - Al Jazeera

As Southern Sudan prepared for its historic independence day last weekend fim-makers Callum Macrae and John D McHugh travelled into the Nuba Mountains in the disputed border state of Southern Kordofan, where rebels are fighting the forces of the Khartoum government - and civilians are suffering daily bombing by government planes.

And in a world exclusive they travel to a secret location deep in the Nuba mountains to meet SPLA commander, Abdel Aziz Al Hilu, to conduct the first interview with the rebel leader since the war broke out over a month ago - in which he calls for the creation of a united front to bring down the government of Omar Al Bashir.

They also interview Eyptian UN 'peacekeepers', trapped and immobilised in their base in the SPLA-held town of Kuada - unable to leave and accused of collaboration with Khartoum's forces.





Outsider for Channel 4 News

Top army lawyer slams MoD over human rights abuses

The army's top lawyer during the Iraq war tells Channel 4 News his superiors blocked him when he tried to make British forces treat prisoners in a lawful way



Enemies Within - Unreported World - Channel 4

Callum Macrae and William Wallis report from Abidjan as civil war threats escalate

enemies within

ITN productions for Channel 4:

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: Crimes Unpunished

In 2011 Channel 4 exposed damning evidence of atrocities committed in the war in Sri Lanka. Jon Snow presents this powerful follow-up film, revealing new video evidence as well as contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic stills and videos relating to how exactly events unfolded during the final days of the civil war.